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January 18th, 2017, 11:33 am

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Hey my dear readers!

I bring awful news. Remember how I told you last time that my computer was acting up? It appears that hard drive was malfunctioning. I ordered a new one online, and began moving all my stuff on my pendrive. I had 20gb of space for backup. Have you ever tried fitting all your stuff into 20gb and to make it as quick as it is possiible cause computer freezes from time to time? Well I know now how it is, I had to quickly sort out everything I had and copy most important things.
The bad news is that I didn't manage it. Hard drive died on me before I finished packing all my things on portable thingy, and some stuff is now gone forever. Among those things are all the sketches I've already done for Q&A, as well as list of people that wrote questions and feedbacks for me and questions <; _ ;> And I already deleted my hiatus page from everywhere among with all the comments cause I had the list of people written down.

TL;DR: I'm and idiot, hard drive died, and now I have no idea who to give bookmarks to, and what the questions were, I remember just a few of them..... :<

If you wrote something back then, please write me some question again, or the same one if you remember it. I'll still do those things, and will give out what I promised!
Jarvi, January 18th, 2017, 11:20 am Reply
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Love the comic I have just found it and got here with anticipation of how cool it is ^_^ sorry to have read your problem with your comp I don't know if you can but someone once said to me that sometimes when a hardrive dies they can be taken to somewhere and although they cant repair it they can snatch the files of and put them onto a separate drive disk etc dunno if that's an option but good luck and great work on comic ^_^
@Jolten: Oh oh thank you for your feedback, it's really nice of you :D And for the advice, unfortunately I am broke now so I won't be trying to get that data back, but fortunately it wasn't that much lost xD
feedback I believe i said i would like speech bubbles because i got a bit lost but i have to say the writing on top and the bottom helped me out a lot i like that format
@brootalz: Thank you for reminding me about this, and for feedback on new style! That's great to hear ^^

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